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Who We Are

GoodNodes is your gateway to the world of crypto networks and decentralized applications (dapps). We’ve made it our mission to simplify the complex process of running nodes, making it accessible to everyone. No more technical hurdles or specialized equipment are needed. Our platform opens the doors for individuals like you to contribute to the evolution of decentralized networks effortlessly.


At GoodNodes, we’re committed to simplifying crypto infrastructure. We empower crypto protocols by providing secure, scalable node services, actively participating in governance decisions, and decentralizing infrastructure. Our focus is on building trust, optimizing partnerships, and tailoring infrastructure for the Optimism ecosystem’s success.

Token Holders

The advantages and opportunities within GoodNodes are exclusively reserved for holders of the project’s token, $GNODE. Holding $GNODE tokens simplifies node operation, eliminating the need for manual node management and allowing holders to passively participate in this process without complexities. Additionally, $GNODE token holders can diversify their crypto portfolio by gaining exposure to numerous promising projects, reducing risk, and benefiting from the success of multiple ventures. Furthermore, GoodNodes provides a passive income stream for token holders through rewards generated by deployed node infrastructure, enabling financial benefits without active engagement.

Meet the Team

Mustached handles the crypto side of GoodNodes, such as the integration with Velodrome. He’s been involved in crypto full-time for over two years, as a trader, seed investor, and security researcher. Our crypto initiatives with a focus on long-term growth and stability.


Chief Cryptocurrency Strategist

With a proven track record of leadership and a deep understanding of emerging technologies, Dee shapes our technological vision, ensuring it aligns with industry best practices and innovation. Dee has been a leader in the EdTech space for ten years.


Chief Technology Officer

For over 25 years, ironclaw has held progressively more challenging roles in the disciplines of systems and network engineering with a present day focus on cybersecurity architecture. Coupled with experience in multiple industry sectors including manufacturing, finance, retail, software, and telecommunications- ironclaw is uniquely equipped to drive solutions.


Security Officer

Ch0keface is a senior infrastructure architect with 25 years of experience designing, administrating, and troubleshooting an assortment of enterprise hardware and software. Since the mid 90’s, starting with VAX/VMS & Solaris he has successfully designed and maintained architectures for organizations ranging from large multinationals to startups.


Infrastructure Officer

Latest News


  • by GoodNodes OP
    GM. Time for a project update for GoodNodes!Treasury Status:The GoodNodes long-term strategy of accumulating veVELO and using the rewards to stand up nodes for incentivized testnets has proven successful. GoodNodes’s fair launch has allowed the project to amass a non-native treasury value of nearly $400,000, with about $300,000 of that being the project’s veNFTs. The […]
  • by GoodNodes OP
    GM GoodNodes community — time for another update!In the midst of a crazy couple weeks for crypto, especially the Velodrome and Aerodrome ecosystems following the Aero launch, GoodNodes is continuing to move the project forward while sustainably bribing on Velo.Nodes and website are live!To begin with, the first nodes are up and running and will be scaled shortly. Taiko […]
  • by GoodNodes OP
    GM, what a crazy two weeks for GoodNodes!From a successful launch on Velodrome with large bribes, to massive community interest and engagement, a vibrant and engaged set of holders in Discord, and the first steps towards setting up our nodes, these first two weeks have been a wild ride. In its first two bribe epochs, […]

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